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Govt to introduce tax free solutions for full electrical vehicles to promote technology shift – Ofori Atta

The Finance Minister has said that the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is expected to address the three interconnected elements of sustainable development; economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustainability and called for deliberate steps to ensure that Ghana will be fully Agenda 2030 compliant, leading to the accelerated and transformative general wellbeing of every Ghanaian.

‘Among other green initiatives, we will, in 2019, work with the Ministry of Energy, to introduce tax free solutions for Full Electrical Vehicles in order to promote technology shift.

He said as Co-Chair of the UN Eminent Group of SDG Advocates, President Akufo Adddo is keen to ensure that Ghana leads the way in achieving Agenda 2030 through developing policies that promote sustainability.

‘’ Globally, cities such as Hamburg, Oslo and London are introducing car and diesel free zones, to improve quality of life. The UK, India, France, and other countries are planning a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030. A successful transition will require a Public-Private partnership in installing necessary infrastructure for electrical charging,’’ He said.

The Minister said Ghana cannot be left behind to become the dumping site for environmentally harmful products. “We must be bold in developing policies that embrace these technological shifts,” he added.

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