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Mr. Logic bashes Kuame Eugene says Kidi is more polished

Finding out who is better among Kidi, Kuami Eugene and King Promise will continue to be a question that demands an answer of your own choice as Mr Logic, an artists manager goes in for Kidi against Kuami Eugene.

Currently Kidi, Kuami Eugene and King Promise, just to mention a few, are the new generation artistes making waves and making Ghana pround. And they all have massive and die-hard followers.

Some see King Promise as the seniormost among the three, others in the other hand think Kuami Eugene is the best among them.

In the same way, Mr Logic sees Kidi to be better as compared to Kuami Eugene.

In an interview on ‘Ofie Ne Fie’ hosted by Yoofi Eyeson on Spice Fm in Takoradi, Mr Logic said that Kidi is more professional than Kuami Eugene.

“Kuami Eugene’s ‘Walaahi’ for instance, is senseless, with respect to his music, he is so childish,” he added.

“Well, it isn’t Kuami Eugene’s fault, his elders are all producing senseless songs, Kid is 100% out of this,” he reiterated.


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