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Yaa Jackson adds bleaching to slaying: see her new skin (pictures)

Fast rising singer Maame Yaa Jackson, is alleged to be bleaching her skin and when took a closer look into her latest Instagram post, we see the fairness in what is now a social media topic to share with you the information with pictures for you to judge it yourself.

Maame Yaa Jackson, has been recorded as the fastest rising female singer in the last and first quarter of 2018 and 2019 respectively. Her single “Tear Rubber” has done well in the radio waves and still banging across the nation.

The young Kumasi female singer, has made name for herself in the music industry with what is termed is slaying. Although, she has said on accassions that what she does not go against the code and ethics of the industry she now find herself as a component.

Now, it is alleged that Maame Yaa Jackson has added bleaching to her branding. When compares her old and new pictures, we leave you the reader to be the judge and that’s exactly what we are going to show you in this post.

Whiles others suspect Yaa Jackson to be bleaching, others also say she is only using camera tricks to edit her latest pictures on social media.

Another debate has also suggest that, she is using makeup and has nothing about bleaching. So, let us see one of her old pictures wearing markup.

This picture shows a clear distinctive skin colour of singer Yaa Jackson compared to the first two and the last two below.

You are now the best judge to pronounce judgment on whether singer Maame Yaa Jackson is bleaching or she’s using camera tricks.


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