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“If you want violence, mobilize your family to the battle front”- NPP Chm dares JDM

The New Patriotic Party first Vice chairman of the Asokwa constituency Mr. Edmund Kyei has challenged former President John Mahama to rally his children to the fore should he call for war in Ghana.

Speaking to media9network, the NPP first Vice chairman describe the statement from the former president as unfortunate and a recipe for disaster.

Mr. Mahama is quoted to have made certain utterances which has received varied responses from the length and breadth of the country.

In reaction to the brutalities from supposed National Security Operatives on NDC sympathizes during the by election held on Thursday at the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency,

the former president said the NDC is more violent than any other political party and they will match NPP boot for boot in upcoming 2020 election.

While the statement has been received with commendation from some NDC members, particularly the youth, many civil society organizations have condemned it.

Mr. Edmund Kyei, a avowed critic of former president Mahama who added his voice to the widespread criticism said dared him to put his children at the battle front for others to follow.

“Ex President Mahama should mobilize his children to the war front for other supporters to follow, as a state man and a former president you should know better than to utter such misguided comment”. He noted.

He said the ‘misguided statement’ from the former president has raised tension in the country, asking him remember what happened to Rwanda because of similar statements.

“When comments like this comes from a public figure like Mahama it can bring war and violence and as we all know, conflicts can have a devastating and lasting consequences for mental as well as physical health”. He pointed.

The NPP first Vice therefore urged the former president to not only render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians but retract it as well, for peace to prevail in the country he once presided over and wants to rule again.

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