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You Remember this Akufo Addo’s speech on February 10, 2011?

Akufo Addo
President Akufo Addo

“For 2012 elections, ALL DIE BE DIE. We are going to MATCH THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (NDC) BOOT FOR BOOT and nothing will be left to chance. The Atwiwa by-election showed just a little of what we are capable of doing.

They say we Akans are feeble or afraid and that once violence breaks up, we run away but I want to disabuse the minds of such people that we are brave and courageous people just like our forebears who founded our political tradition. They have the intentions to intimidate us in 2012 because they believe that we the Akans are soft and cowards. If that is the thinking, then we shall see.

At least during the Atiwa by-election, we showed a little of our colours there. You MUST understand that this PARTY (NPP) was formed by courageous people. Our leaders who formed this party that has now become the biggest political movement in Ghana were not cowards. So in 2012, we need to be courageous because ALL DIE BE DIE.

Nobody can see himself to be stronger than the other. So need to be bold and courageous for 2012 because Ghanaians need us to come to power”

President Nana Akufo Addo
February 10, 2011

Daily Graphic Issue 18454

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