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Heartbeat: See Fella Makafui’s Valantine letter to Medikal

Love is thicker than blood, and again, love makes one become like a fool as they say. But there are special days that we express love in a special way.

The new celebrity couples in town, FellaMedikal has once again, express their deep love for each other.

Actress, model, and IG slay queen Fella Makafui a day before Valantine’s day seized the opportunity to inscribe a heartfelt love message to his new love, Medikal of AMG Business. select this love message has been the Valantine love message of the year. Fella Makafui surprises the public as we all wanted to read a long form of love letter about how they met, developed love, and how far they’ve come in their relationship.

Or perhaps, they’re going to love to shame haters and so forth.

Unfortunately, the exception was the other way round.

The actress just hit the nail on the head with a sublime message that shooks the heart of rocks. The letter will make you understand love if you’re not a fan of this psychological, and emotional element of feelings called love.

Below is the screenshot of Fella Makafui’s valentine message to Medikal on Facebook.

Fella Makafui’s Valentine letter to Medikal.

Clearly, the love Fella has for our very own Medikal is more than expressing it in a single day. And that she loves him in a way that can’t be put in just a day for joy.

“I Dont Care About Valentine’s Day.❤? I Love You Everyday. ? “

Media9network wishes the new couple Valentine’s Day filled with endless love.


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