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Media9network launches Radio 9 GH on Tune In and goes viral with over 1 million listeners

Radio 9 GH

Media9network has launched Radio 9 GH on Tune In to expand it media outreached to the already large audience they have beyond Ghana.

Radio 9 GH is an online radio, one of the branches of media9network which comprises of, and TV 9 Gh.

Media9network is barely two months old and already catching up with the big media houses in the country, especially those in the Ashanti Region. The media house aims at broading it outreach to millions of listeners both local and international, hence the evolving of the online radio which is now available on Tune In Radio.

Radio 9 GH, broadcast both local and international content to satisfy it variety of listeners. In this space, the media channel has carefully, and professionally crafted programs that gears towards educating, entertaining, and informing its audience with proximity, factual, and accurate contents.

This has been the brand of media9network and its infection is that of the Radio 9 Gh. Radio 9 GH has received a considerate number of listeners within its first two days of launching on Tune In.

The media house has put measures in place to launch Radio 9 GH app on Google Play store for downloads soon to make the online radio more easy to access by it large audience.

Media9network is operating from Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region.

Locate Radio 9 Gh in Mascaponi Building, Amakum, opposite Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

Media9network , We Are Connecting You With The Digital World.

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