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New Kejetia market wasn’t built by John Mahama – NPP traders fumed

New Kejetia market wasn't built by John Mahama - NPP traders fumed

Traders who belong to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who sell at Kejetia market has raised their disgust sentiments about recent course raised by National Democratic Congress (NDC) traders at Kejetia championing the agenda to give credit to former president His Excellency John Dramani Mahama over the new Kejetia market reported by

The NPP traders in their re-batter claim the former President has nothing to be credited for in the construction of the new Kejetia market. Adding that former president John Dramani Mahama scored zero in developmental projects to deserve applause for such a memorial monument like Kejetia market.

The NPP traders at Kejetia market in their re-batter claim the NDC government who led the country for eight electoral years failed in their governance if developmental projects are the basic scale to weigh the then government performance.


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Moreover, they said former president John Mahama has no integrity to glorify himself with new Kejetia market. That the Mahama led NDC government unsuccessfully build 200 community day schools as they promised. The traders in their argument eloquence the 200 community day schools was evidence of shame tagged on his presidency.

Also, they debated that, John Dramani Mahama failed in all sectors of the economy. Giving the list, the NPP Kejetia traders mentioned roads, agriculture, health, and education as the examples of the major sectors where he failed at the highest mark.

Although, they admitted that it was former president John Dramani Mahama who cut the sod for the reconstruction of the old Kejetia market because he was the president at the time but can’t fathom to give credit to him as the one who finances the project.

They told that new Kejetia market was financed by the taxpayer’s money hence the credit should go to Ghanaians and not John Dramani Mahama who is catered for by taxpayers.

In their fuming comments, the NPP Kejetia traders tagged John Dramani Mahama as arrogant. Backing their allegation with fact, they recalled how the former president passed sarcastic statement about Ashanti people when he was in power saying the people of Ashanti are ungrateful that even if you give them roads tiled with gold they’ll still say the bad about the road.

In as much as the above sarcastic paraphrase was true, the Kejetia market reconstruction commenced years before president John Dramani Mahama passed the statement. Yet, the NPP traders at Kejetia are making a political reference against the former president.


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In all, they are affirming their stand that former president John Dramani Mahama does not deserve to be given the credit of the new Kejetia market.


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