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Fella Makafui reveals how Medikal proposed to her

Fella Makafui reveals how Medikal proposed to her

The new celebrities couple in town has stepped forward to explain how they met and fell in love.

Fella Makafui in an interview with Kofi TV has given an account of how she met Medikal and how they fell in love leading to their engagement.

In the interview, although she tried to dodge some questions but happily answered the particular one about how she and Medikal met.

She answered; “I met him on Facebook”

Kofi TV asked the alleging question that says Fella Makafui snatched Medikal from the girl he was dating at the time she, Fella Makafui met Medikal. But she didn’t hesitate to doubt the allegation.

Medikal is a matured man I can’t snatch him from whoever.”  She said.

Although, rumors suggest Fella Makafui snatched Medikal from Sister Derby, another female celebrity singer. But, Fella doubts that’s what actually happened between her and sister Derby.

Sister Derby

She continued. “If you say snatched, it means I forced him to love me. But if you force to get something which does not belong to you, it will not last. Medikal is not like a child to be forced to do something he doesn’t like.

“We met, we fell in love and that’s it.” she said.

However, Fella Makfui refused to admit their relationship is that of a Facebook love. Although, she confirms their love conversation started on the social media platform.


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