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Media9 organizes Easter Corporate Gala

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” is a witty saying that has been with us for centuries but less attention is put on it by corporate organizations and individuals. Moreover, Easter is one of the most celebrated annual festivals in our society today but only a few enjoy it to the max each year.

In view of this, Media9network, a media conglomerate in the Ashanti Region, Kumasi has organized a soccer game on this coming Easter headlined “Media9 Easter Corporate Gala.” The event is scheduled to come on on the 22nd April 2019 at Opoku Ware SHS park. (OWASS Park).

The Media9 Easter Corporate Gala is an event organized for corporate organizations within Kumasi as the participants of the game to vitalize individual participants and their organizations from their works in this year’s Easter Festival Celebration.

Media9 Easter Corporate Gala will bring together family members, employers, and their employees, co-workers and in all, a professional way of socialization among corporate organizations within Kumasi Metropolis.

Notwithstanding the recognition of the business aspect of the event aside from the health and socialization benefit, special packages are arranged for all corporate participants and other sponsors for the event.

The events needs corporate organizations and interested bodies to register their company or group to participate in the Corporate Gala.

The registration will aid the event organizer; media9 to offer crucial business advantages to the registered organizations and participating groups.

The benefits for sponsoring and participating in Media9 Easter Corporate Gala are overwhelming for media9 knows how important this Easter event can help organizations and business thrive in the Ashanti Region.

Media9network which is an offshoot of Clarksford Media Institute and Technology will officially lunch its three main media platforms at the event to the public.

Already, media houses in the Ashanti Region; Kumasi are trooping in with enthusiasm to register as the media partners for the event. But, professionalism is the core theme hence, there has been careful scrutiny in choosing media partners for this year’s Media9 Corporate Gala and the results has been great. All the top media houses in Kumasi are listed officially to be media partners.

Notwithstanding this, spaces are left to add other media houses who are credible in all standards to be part of the history making event by Media9network.

Not forgetting the entertainment side of it, the event is planned to fuse in music in addition to the soccer itself to enhance the joy and gay at the event.

Event: Media9 Corporate Gala.

Date: 22nd April 2019

Venue: Opoku Ware SHS Park (OWASS)

For More Information Contact Media9network Office

(+233) 0201 234 551 / 0242 841 512

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