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Taking long to share my opinion on the happenings of our country’s political room, as a citizen and a journalist, I am drawn to express my understanding of the unnecessary services received by the citizens of this country from our politicians. Time is running out, new age arises for illumination of a new generation. The picture is now clear in this modern period of our country’s political history to ring the waking bell and torch on the evils hidden in plain sight; the politricks in our country’s politics have traveled far beyond tolerance to not be the hindering pillars of our development.

In the quest for political power with so many preposterous excuses of sugar-coated campaign messages told citizens for sympathy votes, politicians have adopted a chameleon lifestyle to play with the intelligence of the innocent voters to win the only decision making power of their thump of which the constitution of the land empowers them for their selfish greedy interest. Election results prove the degree at which the contagious politricks disease has infected the Ghanaian free decision making power.  

In every election period, innocent citizens of this country travel to and fro, from cities to towns to villages at their own risk and cost to their registered constituencies to cast their votes in good faith with one thing in mind; to elect a leader who with his team of governors will implement pragmatic ideas to work diligently and help solve the problems of this country. In this endeavour, they take risk of losing their lives on the way, losing money in their travels, waste couple of days from their work places, receive insults for political party affiliation and fight with their wits and strength to protect their votes. Sadly, the sweats of the end benefactors; the politicians who have glorified themselves with titles of ‘honourables’ only do so by weighing their gains in case they win power. One big politricks is whiles they encourages the people to die for them, their families wait for the triumphs of their greedy politician mothers and fathers which of course  would be achieved by lies, intimidation, and bribery to be broadcasted to them  in their luxuries homes abroad.

There has been a purposeful political system created by politicians with the agenda of creating confusion and also to divide and conquer the masses for political power. The creation of political party communication teams has hunted truth, caused misinformation, mistruth, lies, hatred speech, insults, and disrespect in our political arena. Ironically, these party communicators’ audibly expose their ignorance at the utmost level in their daily restless undertaking of defending their affiliate parties on media platforms. The plain sight hidden mystery in this game is the politicians acting like enemies in public but friends behind closed doors is one great politricksthat has been initiated in the body politics of our country to deceive and fool the common citizens.  In the action of this dangerous tactics used as a tool to charm the people has religiously brought about societal division only for the people to reverend the politicians. Politricksis growing in the fast possible way as a social organ polished beautifully to feed the people whose concerns lay on tribalism. One thing our politicians lack the understanding of is intentionally refusing to acknowledge that politricks are as mischievous as bad schools or bad churches; for modern civilization is rapidly multiplying the class to which knowledge has dawn on to read between the political lies and their self motivated interest.

I have updated myself to the notice of these leaders’ politricks of their deliberate sarcasms on developmental ideas. Once they are in opposition, any developmental measures born by the incumbent party is in bad faith, not important, unnecessary and a means of corruption to suck from the public purse. Their angelic behaviour in opposition is disgusting and disturbing as themselves. They reveal their love for the nation and hypocritically swear to sacrifice their lives for the people to have a better live only when they are in opposition. Interestingly, this same group of people sees everything as perfect as nature itself when they are in power even when the populace who they claim to serve democratically request for better policies and programs they deserve for development.

In the arena of salary, the civil servant has a little say about how much he should be paid for his services to the country. In the worst scenario, payment of their meagre monthly salary delays overtime yet the politicians forbid to meet such fate. They receive the elephant’s share in monthly salary. They in addition gather for themselves huge amounts of innumerable service allowances which are a double of a civil servant monthly salary. Meanwhile, the country through constitutional mandate formulated by the same politician mandatory sees to the day to day welfare of the politician out of the tax payer money.

Whiles the politicians loot and share to enrich themselves and their immediate families, they work tirelessly with all their might and strength and will to impoverish the citizens, to always keep them under their orders and make them servants as they become the masters.

In this, they play with education, health, and agriculture which have direct effect on the people for a better live. The politician will send his children abroad to have better education and turn around to only offer old fashion educational system to Ghanaians. They fly abroad for advance healthcare and come to their own country and play around health issues of Ghanaians. With all the natural lands that are very fertile to feed the population of Ghanaians in abundance, the politicians will still love to ignore agriculture but rather want to import food from abroad because he sees it as a good business opportunity to enrich himself. 

These politicians are nothing but myopic leaders who claim to have visions for better standard of living for the Ghanaian only to turn to our faces and spit on us. They know nothing of what they preach. They are brides and grooms to political powers but widows to developmental ideas.  The bell is ringing for the uprising, for a time has come for the Ghanaian to become the masters and put the politicians at their place of serving the people.   

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