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Jago Neok releases another banger – Work Out

The fast-rising rapper/singer Jago Neok has released another banger on the street titled Work Out, a street anthem for the youth to jump with it. It’s no doubt that Work Out is a song that motivates the youth of their hardship, struggles, and hustles.

Like he always does on the anything he releases a song, Jago Neok has this time, taking us into more singing than rapping and his voice comes with a powerful harmony fusion with auto-tune in the song.

This time, Jago Neok goes solo on the song and brings all his passion onto the song to make it what music lovers have long anticipated for.

In the song, he clearly reveals the hardship and hustles the youth are facing in the system and uses the situation to bring positive vibes on the beat. You can feel his words deep in our ears when you listen to the song.

Not only that, his talent is clearly seen as the next big thing in the Ghana music industry.

In his own words, he says this about the song. “As a musician, I always have to be creative and write a soothing song that gives advice and entertain my fans. So, Work Out is one of my creative works which aims at motivating and inspiring the youth.”

Jago Neok has financed the song by himself both recording and video shoot. we notice how serious Jago Neok is with his talent as a musician. He is hustling to do his best even in his unstable financial status. He is appealing to anyone who can support his talent as a musician in all kinds of help.

 Jago Neok born Jeffery Gyan Wilson, bread in Aburi in the Eastern Region which makes him a proud Akwapem has shown how he loves music and wants to rap and take Ghana to the world as his predecessors have done. He said he discovered his outstanding talent as a rapper at a very tender age and the love for music has always been in him.

“I have been in the industry underground doing my best to get to the limelight. Currently, I am a rapper, songwriter, and singer. It has been all about hard work and prayers. I have done a couple of songs which are hits in Accra and Eastern regions. It’s my dream to add my quota to making Ghana music more appealing to the world and so I did “Work Out.

I did it for Ghanaians and I know they will embrace the song and jam with it.

Support Jago Neok by listening to the song here. Download 

OR check out Jago Neok on riddimsghanamusic

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