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23 JULY 2019

We have become aware of assurances given by the Dep Gen Sec and the Organiser that the party will ensure a transparent and fair process in the impending parliamentary primaries. These assurances given by the two officers came with a stern warning that NEC shall not entertain deliberate frustrations of persons interested in contesting the party’s primaries.

In spite of these assurances from NEC, Wontumi and his henchmen have flagrantly disregarded the directive of NEC. Last week, we issued a statement to expose a meeting that was called by Wontumi in which meeting, he stated that, the president had instructed him to ensure that certain individuals go uncontested. In that meeting, Wontumi further asked all interested individuals to step down as he will not allow them to contest his preferred candidates.

Per the guidelines, nominations were officially opened yesterday. The person nominated by NEC to oversee the primary process in Ashanti region is Rita Asobayere. Rita Asobayere as of yet, hasn’t released the nomination forms to the various constituencies. She has instead, left the forms with Wontumi who has hoarded the forms and vowed together with Sam Payne, not to give the forms out except to their preferred candidates.

It is instructive to note that after we exposed the evil plots of Wontumi to disallow qualified persons from contesting save his preferred candidates, he publicly stated on Okay fm that he has interest in the elections and that he has his preferred candidates. His neutrality has been compromised from day one and the reason for this compromise, he claims stems from the president.

We are befuddled as to why the appointed representative in charge of the elections process would leave the forms with Wontumi who is the regional chairman. This is in frontal contrast with the guidelines which stipulate that forms are supposed to be with the elections committees whose composition excludes the regional chairman and other executives except the education and research officer who is to serve as secretary to the committee.

The action of the national representative, Rita Asobayere, creates doubts in our minds as to whether NEC is really committed to ensure the processes are transparent and fair enough. It will take NEC to purge itself of collusion and of the sins of Asobayere who has blatantly refused to comply with the guidelines. She is rather in cahoots with Wontumi to execute the evil agenda of unjustifiably excluding qualified persons from contesting their preferred candidates.

®PYA is by this release calling on NEC to step in so as to obviate the simmering danger in constituencies like Ejura-Sekyere dumase and Asawase. If you recall, last week the NDC was in the news for all the bad reasons due to a similar agenda. We must not trade the party’s democratic credentials on the alter of selfish, parochial, ‘wontumistic’ interest.

We want to assure Wontumi forcefully that if he thinks he has become so powerful as he espoused arrogantly last week when he spoke on radio, he should wait for the tirade that will soon flow from the grassroots of our party in the constituencies he seeks to manipulate. PYA shall not relent before, during, and after the primaries until justice is done.

We call on the rank and file of our party to reject the phenomenon of Wontumism in our party!


Thomas Boakye

Alhaji Suleman

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