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Edmund Kyei exposes JDM again

It seems the New Patriotic Party First Vice chairman for Asokwa constituency is on a mission to expose what he deems deceitful utterances and ploys by former President John Mahama.

He is out again throwing some light onto the what he considers empty and dark lies from the NDC flag bearer.

This time, it is about some statements he made about the E-block community schools that were began by the NDC administration.

The Former President said during his tour at the Savannah region that the current government has abandoned the construction of the Day schools his administration began.

But Mr. Kyei says that particular school was about 55 percent completed and even handed over while works continued and about 30 others are at various stages of completion.

Read his statement below:

Former president Mahama’s recent visit to Savannah Region was characterized with all sorts of misinformation concerning the community day school blocks. He said government has abandoned the E-Block he started during his tenure on his visit to Mpaha Community Day SHS in Yapei Kusawgu District.

The exact school he referred to was about 55 percent completed in 2016 and physical work on the said block was completed in July 2019, inspection for the handover was done to that effect. So it means what ex President was making the public to believe was not the true picture of the matter and he was just playing on the emotions of the public.

More than 30 E-Blocks has been completed by government in phase one and most of the blocks are under completion so it is incorrect for former President Mahama to state that the community day school has been abandoned by government. I want to state emphatically that Ex President Mahama is playing on the emotions of Ghanaians and want to paint the government black to the public.

… signed…
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman and NPP Communication Member

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